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Geography plays a vital role in Tallahassee, FL native David Paul Zimmer’s musical sensibilities. His earliest musical memories come from hearing his grandfather play the fiddle and guitar for the family. His grandfather came from a large and musical South Carolina Family. “Electricity shot up my spine and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when he played” David says.


David picked up the guitar in high school and eventually played in different bands across the Southeast. After a two year stint in Nashville, he moved back to his hometown of Tallahassee, FL. Since then, David has fronted and released albums for the indie folk rock band Driving Lights, and releases solo work as David Paul Zimmer. He can be found playing locally in Tallahassee, and in his home studio creating new songs and instrumental tracks for various media. His solo material is most influenced by modern artists such as The National, Ryan Adams, and Gregory Alan Isakov, but remains anchored in the roots, bluegrass and country music influences that his family and geography have imprinted on his life.

David's music has been featured on various network TV shows such as Station 19, All American, and many other shows and independent films.

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